Kathie Fong Yoneda



Studios, publishing houses, TV/cable ventures, networks and agencies are  flooded with screenplays. TV pilots, web series and manuscripts, but most never make it to the agent who can sign you or the executive who can "green light" your project. Invest in a critique BEFORE you go to market, and receive an evaluation which reflects how a potential buyer may view your work.

I will read and critique your work, making notes, page by page, as necessary, and will conduct a 30 minute private "phone meeting," giving you an honest and thorough analysis of your work based on my longstanding industry experience in evaluating projects for film, television, animation, novels, non-fiction narrative and the Web.

A professional evaluation will provide you with an opportunity to do a professional polish/rewrite before you invest your time, money and energy, marketing your work - giving you an "edge" in this heavily competitive business.

It's important to remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your project has a chance to make it to the decision-makers, and, if for some reason they're not in the market for your specific storyline, ensure they'll associate your name with a "good read" for future projects.

Type of Project


Feature or TV movie (up to 120pp)*


Revision Critique (after initial critique)*


One Hour Dramatic Series (up to 60pp)*


Half-hour Sit-Com (up to 45pp)*


Treatment/Outline (up to 20pp)*


Mini-critique (first 15pp + 2pp synopsis)*


Hourly Rate for Meetings/Consultations




Private Online Picthing Clinic **


* Additional fee for longer scripts, books & manuscripts

** Logline 1 page Synopsis, 3pp Synopsis, Pitch Outline & Verbal Pitch

PLEASE NOTE:  Consultations are taken on a limited basis due to my workshop, conference and seminar schedule. To avoid scheduling conflicts, please call or email to arrange your critique appointment.


+01 (559) 412-4199 (US)