Kathie Fong Yoneda



“This book may be the ultimate rocket fuel to launch your writing career in Hollywood" Tess Gerritsen - NY TIMES best-selling novelist (Harvest, Gravity, Life Support, Bloodstream, The Apprentice, The Surgeon, The Sinner) and screenwriter (Adrift)

"Kathie lights a fire under you and then walks you through it." Jeff Arch - screenwriter, Sleepless In Seattle (Oscar nominee with Nora Ephron & David S. Ward), Iron Will, Sealed With A Kiss

"I've been extremely fortunate to have Kathie's insightful advice and constructive criticism on my screenplays. She has been a valued mentor to me. Now, through this wonderful book, she can be your mentor as well." Pamela Wallace - writer/producer (Oscar for co-writing Witness)

"Super-concise, systematic, real-world advice on the practical aspects of screenwriting and mastering Hollywood from a professional. This book will save you time, embarrassment, and frustration and will give you an extra edge in taking on the studio system." Christopher Vogler - author, The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, seminar leader, former story consultant with Fox 2000

the-script-selling-game_large"This book is essential, invaluable, and necessary for any screenwriter wanting to make it in the competitive buyer's world. Yoneda gives the screenwriter the insider's view, in a kind, encouraging, insightful way and makes the impossible seem possible." Dr. Linda Seger - script consultant, author (Making A Good Script Great, Creating Unforgettable Characters, Making A Good Writer Great, The Art of Adaptation, Advanced Screenwriting)

"Board games come with a set of rules in order to play the game. A car comes with an owner's manual to help you understand the way your car works. Screenwriting should come with this book. (It) covers everything a screenwriter needs to know in order to successfully navigate through the tough field of screenwriting. From laying down the guidelines that will help you create a screenplay that will get read by Hollywood, to detailing how each step of the screenwriter's journey to Hollywood works; Yoneda succeeds in writing a comprehensive cross between a rule book and manual that every beginning screenwriter would be well-advised to read." Jeffrey M. Somogyi - New York Screenwriter Monthly

"The Script Selling Game" is a "must have" not only for screenwriters, but also for novelists and narrative non-fiction writers who are interested in seeing their books made into films. Kathie provides step-by-step information on essentials such as how to create high-impact log lines, compelling pitches, and effective marketing techniques. The Script Selling Game helps authors to turn dreams of having their books optioned for film into reality." Sandra E. Johnson - Christopher Award-winning author of Standing On Holy Ground, speaker, Adjunct Professor at University of South Carolina

"If you haven't had a chance to sit in on one of Kathie's workshops as I have, or to watch her demonstrate the magic of a great pitch, here's your opportunity to experience the insight, guidance, and support she gives to those pursuing a career in screenwriting. With The Script Selling Game, she's managed to bring all her wisdom and humanity into this terrific book." Michael Hauge - author, Writing Screenplays That Sell, screenwriting coach, teacher

"From the basics to the more complicated, Kathie Fong Yoneda answers all the questions most screenwriters ask, and then some. Her knowledge is sweeping, her love of the business is palpable, and her respect for her audience is readily apparent. The best way to get advice: from someone who knows and cares." Donie A. Nelson - Career Strategies For Writers, former executive for feature films & television


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